Questions to help define your Commercial Photography Project

If you want the best images for your business, be ready to answer these questions when meeting with your photographer. The best photographers conduct consultations that leave you with a clear understanding of three things: your needs, your expectations, and your costs. For us, a consultation is always a conversation, an interactive exchange of ideas […]

3 steps to staying on track with your business marketing

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These are trying and uncertain times. Businesses of all sizes and types are making difficult decisions to survive right now, uncertain of what this new normal will look like for their teams.  Marketing and business development efforts, like photography, are often upended in these moments. People get scared, priorities shift, and projects slip through the […]

Insights from Imaging USA 2020

Insights from Imaging USA 2020 Last month, our Founder and CEO Kelly Ann Settle attended Imaging USA 2020; the longest-running photographic conference, trade show, and exhibit in the United States. Over 10,000 photographers joined her in Nashville for six days, to connect and learn over their shared passions in this industry. Our marketing specialist, and […]

Three Reasons Why Stock Photos Don’t Stack Up

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New clients frequently end up on our doorstep after using stock photography for their marketing, frustrated and trying to figure out why the images aren’t working for them. At the time, it seemed they found a good deal on what they needed at prices they wanted! But then complaints come in from customers, like how […]

Creative freedom in commercial photogrpahy

Sometimes clients come to me with an idea of what they want. Or what they think they want.       They bring me a concept or general idea which originates with their creative team.  Then I get to bring it to life with the help of the art directors and designers.        This […]