I absolutely love commercial photography and photographing industrial equipment is one of my specialties. I am no stranger to a manufacturing floor and helping companies showcase their products in a professional manner is a top priority. I love the challenge to overcome environment, scale, and intricate parts and this packaging machine had plenty.  

A few weeks ago a company contacted me about photographing their newly assembled packing machine. These images were to be used in catalogue, brochure and general marketing advertising. I was thrilled to accept this project. As you can see this machine is a beast, over 20 feet long 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide. It took some thought and collaboration with the marketing department on how to best approach capturing the image.  

There is more involved in transforming these grungy machines into beautiful catalogue worthy images than meets the eye. And this packaging machine was definitely a challenge. As you can see, being located on a manufacturing floor provides a very busy background and with it impossible to move to another location we are tasked with making this environment work for us. 

The machine is dimly lit and also very large and reflective.  My experience and expertise allowed me to transform the image from indoor industrial lighting into natural illumination and that created a well lit crisp final image. I brought my portable studio with me and with the help of their marketing team we were able to create a professional image that highlighted all of the equipment detail. They were thrilled with the outcome and I am proud to add it to my portfolio.

Overcoming the challenges of transforming something that seems very ordinary into a dynamic sales tool is something I’m very proud to be able to offer my clients.  Contact us today to see how we can make your ordinary into extraordinary.