Our Process

Kelly works hard to genuinely understand your products, your processes, and your people. Why? Because she knows that building her awareness and appreciation for your business creates impactful, innovative imagery. She also knows that your clients want more than just a pretty picture taken on a smartphone. Your clients want photos that give them clues about your company’s culture, mission, and values. They want photos that clearly explain what you have to offer them and what they can expect out of your team. Kelly knows this, which means your clients want what she creates: stunning visuals that make your brand and business stand out.


What is your vision?

That’s the first question Kelly seeks to answer as she expertly guides you through a thorough needs assessment. Her goal in this initial conversation is to pinpoint exactly where and how your photos will be used, so that together you can design a plan that details exactly what it will take to successfully support your business and mission. 

Creative Collaboration

From day one, Kelly treats your relationship as a partnership. She values your insights and opinions so highly that she often shoots tethered during sessions, so you can continue to contribute direction in real time. Simply put, Kelly is as invested in your success as you are, and leverages everything at her disposal to deliver the gallery of your dreams – including her extensive network of creative professionals. She can call upon brilliant art directors, designers, cosmetologists, videographers, and whomever else is needed to best communicate your vision.


Kelly’s investment doesn’t end when she hits send on your final set. She stays in your corner through every step and stage of the production process. Struggling to explain your ideas to a graphic designer? Kelly can help. Looking for another set of eyes to proof your mockups? Kelly can help. Long after the last photo has been printed, Kelly remains your advocate and advisor.


There are many reasons why Kelly’s clients come back again and again for her commercial photography; like her professionalism, her expertise, and her infectious sense of humor to name a few! But most of all, they come back because of the deep trust they have in her to show up strong whenever they call. This trust is earned by seeing Kelly’s unique talents and expertise in imagery that perfectly captures your vision. It’s earned by experiencing the dedication she demonstrates in every interaction and phase of your project. And it’s why your first session with Kelly Ann Settle will only be the beginning of a long, rewarding relationship.

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