These are trying and uncertain times. Businesses of all sizes and types are making difficult decisions to survive right now, uncertain of what this new normal will look like for their teams. 

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How many of you have resorted to virtual happy hours to stay connected?
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Marketing and business development efforts, like photography, are often upended in these moments. People get scared, priorities shift, and projects slip through the cracks. This can make getting back on track with production difficult, however, when things finally turn around and you’re calling your creative contractors – only to find that they’re now booked or no longer within your budget, due to the need to rebuild their own livelihoods.

Marketing will be vital in restoring your business once you find your footing and you don’t want to be left in the dust when things pick up. Be proactive, not reactive, when it comes to your campaigns and collateral by taking these three simple steps:

1. Step back and take a breath

It feels easier and natural to panic rather than process in moments of confusion. Especially when marketing projects have so many working parts to them, it can seem safer to pull the emergency brake and evacuate the area immediately.

But in those moments, just pause. Stop yourself from sending panicked notes to your team and call your experts. Ask what they are doing to adapt and move forward with their projects, or for advice on what to do with yours.

Unsure of what to say? You can start with this script to avoid sounding overwhelmed or opportunistic while managing a moment of crisis:

“Hi, I wanted to check on how you’re doing lately. I know this is a weird time for all of us and that we might have to adjust our plans for [your project]. Please let me know what changes or information you need from us to remain productive moving forward. I will help as much as I can, where I can.”

There’s no one right way to approach this situation, of course. Its impact is unique and unclear. There are a few wrong ways, however, which include asking for discounts and exceptions. The same (if not more) time will ultimately be put into your project, whenever it is able to happen. So don’t put your creative consultants in a corner by forcing them to say no to suggestions that discredit or threaten their business.

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2. Seek a consultation, not a cancellation

When you call, it will be important to approach it as an open-ended conversation. Don’t start with the mindset that marketing and its future benefits aren’t a priority.

We understand there are a lot of unknowns right now and rest assured we do have contingency plans for delays. While we can agree that these are unprecedented times, it is still possible to work in ways that support your success. For instance, we can breathe new life into old images through retouching. Or complete in-studio product sessions for items small enough to ship.

You can schedule an appointment via email:

3. Adjust your lens and expectations

It’s true that we will miss out on some opportunities because of this, like seasonal scenery for architecture photography or on-site composite sessions of industrial equipment. There may even be some award submission calls that get pushed for another year or cancelled altogether.

Your business will experience loss right now, in some form or another. But remaining focused on what you can accomplish will prevent the molehills you face today from becoming mountains tomorrow. Your corporate and commercial contractors don’t want to lose ground anymore than you do and are happy to help you find yours.

We’ll start by taking stock of your archived and actively used marketing assets, like photography, to see what timely opportunities exist for your team. This could include work sessions to evaluate and invigorate your online platforms or realigning all your printed collateral under a refreshed design guide.

People are relying on digital and social media now more than ever to stay connected and informed. Quality imagery is necessary for attracting and keeping their attention during this time of increased traffic. So don’t be wait-and-see when it comes to your business and its future. Get in touch with my team ASAP to figure out what comes next for yours: