If you want the best images for your business, be ready to answer these questions when meeting with your photographer.

The best photographers conduct consultations that leave you with a clear understanding of three things: your needs, your expectations, and your costs.

For us, a consultation is always a conversation, an interactive exchange of ideas between two or more people. If you want to make the most of your time and get the most out of your photos, be prepared to answer the following questions in your next photography consultation:



What type of project is this? What is the focus and what are you trying to convey with your images?  Think about your company’s mission statement.

Where will the images be used? Is this for a website, print, magazine, billboard? Different mediums require different specifications.

How many images will your project require? Do you have a specific plan for all of them or are you trying to build a library of collateral? 



What style of photography do you want? Yes, there are different styles of commercial photography. This is conveyed in many different ways.  With color palettes, lighting styles and focal ranges.  We can photograph your project with a look and feel that  represents your brand.

How do you want the final images delivered? Do you have requirements for size and color profiles? Do you need help determining what you need for all of your platforms? Do you have a design team ready to take on the raw files? We can deliver the type and specific requirements you need.



Where will the photo production take place? In our studio, at your business or scouting the perfect location we are ready.

What is your timeline for the photo production? Timelines are flexible and so are we.  We generally book a few weeks out and turnaround time is at a minimum.

What is your photo production budget? We provide you with some options to make your project as affordable as possible.

Is there a creative team you’re working with? We are ready to team up with your designers and art team to provide quality imagery that will make their designs stand out.

Will the photo production require additional professionals (ex. art directors, graphic designers, hair and make-up, models, etc.)? We have plenty of resources to help find working partners for you.




What kind of usage rights are required for your images? Generally limited usage rights are included in the day rates. The images we provide are yours to use to promote your business for as long as you’d like. 

Does your company or team have any safety precautions we should know? Covid precautions, steel toed boots, safety glasses? We make sure that all of our staff follow all your regulations and that anything in your photos meet all your safety standards.

Is an NDR agreement required?  We are happy to review and sign NDR’s

Are there any branding or proprietary components we need to generalize (ex. remove logos)? Our team is always aware of possible infringement and ready to camouflage or photoshop any proprietary issues. 


Product photography, environmental portraits, head shots, food photography, industrial photography,  web content, architectural photography … we have seen it all, we’ve done it all, and we are ready to bring your business to life! Contact us today to set up your consultation here.