Artificial Intelligence – Smart with no Heart

Its been all over my social media feed.  In the photographic industry AI will bring a huge change.  As if moving from film to digital in the early 2000’s wasn’t difficult enough for photographers to adapt to, now we have AI to contend with.    AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, […]

Challenges of Volume Head Shot Photography

When we were approached by Danis, a commercial building company in Dayton, OH, to provide headshots for over 175 of their employees, we knew that we would have to be creative and flexible. They wanted modern, fresh headshots. It was important to them to have an environmental backdrop with a similar look and style without […]

How to Know You’ve Found the Perfect Team Headshot Photographer

There are three qualities you should keep in mind when hiring someone to take your team’s head shots and group portraits. What should you do when you want to redo your team’s headshots? Call us for reshoots, of course! Which is exactly what the office manager for a local cosmetic dentistry office did. During our […]

120 Head Shots in Under Two Hours

A case study in efficiency for large company portraits.   The bigger your business gets, the more challenging company portraits can become. Coordinating dozens to hundreds of people for cohesive individual imagery is not easy. We also know that these sorts of sets are necessary for successful marketing and business development.   We make the […]

What You Need to Know About Our Monthly Headshot Special

When was the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile photo?   If your answer was anywhere close to “pre-pandemic,” then you need to stop and see if you have 20 minutes free on Monday, March 22. If you do, then we hope to see you at our studio for a short and sweet headshot […]

Where & Why You Need a New Professional Headshot Today

Professional headshots can make all the difference when you’re trying to make a digital connection with someone. In fact, nowadays your most recently posted portrait is what many people will use to make their initial impression of you. It is important take great care in both updating your headshot taken and sharing it. Our team […]

Why hire a professional photographer for your head shots?

Lifestyle head shot of a woman casual and friendly

Your headshot represents YOU and it just might be your first contact with a potential client or employer. That is why it is so important to have a current, professional, high quality headshot. Using a poorly lit, awkwardly posed cell phone image doesn’t convey a professional message.   There are many reasons you should hire a […]

What does your Head Shot say about you?

Kelly Ann Photography Dayton Cincinnati Ohio door step casual natural light head shot

Confident, professional, approachable? Professional head shots are an important investment for your business. Often they are your first impression for clients or prospective employers who view your website or your social media accounts. A quality photo reflects your personal attention to detail, as well as representing your brand. With those things in mind, how do […]