Confident, professional, approachable?

Professional head shots are an important investment for your business. Often they are your first impression for clients or prospective employers who view your website or your social media accounts. A quality photo reflects your personal attention to detail, as well as representing your brand. With those things in mind, how do you ensure your head shot experience is worth every penny? At Kelly Ann Photography, we specialize in head shots, with years of experience to help you look your best.

It’s easy to take a quick picture on your phone and print it on your business cards or upload it to a website. But does that photo really showcase everything you want it to? We can help you create a head shot that reflects your style and personality and truly embodies your personal brand. Whether in our studio with our multiple lighting and background setups or with natural light indoors or step outside to use historic downtown Springboro as your backdrop, we can create the heads shot that truly expresses you. Because we will take the time to listen and collaborate with you. Then, and only then, we’ll take your photo.

We also offer group rates in studio or on location.

Click here for answers to common questions and to view some recent examples.  Contact us at 937-602-3626 to schedule your session today.


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A: When we schedule your session, you will be asked where and how your head shot will be used. If it will be used on a website alongside other head shots, we will work to make your image similar in overall appearance (background color, lighting, and pose) to the other images. Even when you don’t need a head shot that works well with others on a brochure or website, there are some general guidelines to follow. A head shot for a bank executive will generally have a corporate feel, with a grey backdrop and business attire. A young tech blogger might want their head shot to reflect their hobby, with a fun and colorful urban backdrop. We’ll make sure your head shot represents you and your brand.

At Kelly Ann Photography we can accommodate individuals and groups in our studio and on location. We can bring our comprehensive portable studio to your site and update head shots for your entire organization.

We want to make your experience fun and relaxing. We will do our best to make you feel comfortable and natural because our goal is a final image that truly reflects your personality and image.

Your appointment will generally last 20 to 30 minutes.


A: We want to capture the best you. We understand that your clothing choices may be partially dictated by your workplace or the other photos on your website. We will discuss these requirements when you book your head shot.

We recommend that you keep your makeup and hair natural. For men, hair usually looks best about two weeks after a haircut. Glasses should be clean to minimize glare; we may ask you to adjust them as we shoot. Wearing foundation or blotting your skin with a tissue before we begin will help to minimize shine on your face.

Avoid very large or extremely reflective jewelry, flesh-tone colors (these will blend in with your skin), wrinkled clothing, thin stripes, and bold or distracting colors/patterns or shiny fabrics. For women, long sleeves are generally better than short sleeved or sleeveless tops for professional head shots.

Bring along anything you might like to have for final touch-ups before your photos: comb, brush, hairspray, makeup. We have a mirror in our studio so you can check your look before we begin.

Jewel-tones look good on almost everyone, as do shades that match your eye color. If you choose a white shirt, bring a jacket or cardigan so you can change your look. For women, a moderate V neckline is flattering and a simple neckline helps to draw attention to your face. Men who wear shirts and ties for their head shots may want to bring two shirts and two ties so they have additional options.

Being comfortable in the clothing you choose is the key to looking good. If there’s a color or style that people always compliment you on, that’s probably a good choice. If there’s an outfit you love to wear because it makes you feel good, that’s probably a great choice. And if you’re not sure what to wear, bring a few options and we’ll help you decide.


A: For $199, you will get a headshot photo session and a final delivery of two digital download files with professional retouching.

Following your session, you will receive access to a password-protected proofing gallery where you will select two images for retouching. Once they have been retouched, you will have access to those images for downloading. For an additional fee, you may purchase other images.

Contact us at 937-602-3626 to schedule your session today.