Your headshot represents YOU and it just might be your first contact with a potential client or employer. That is why it is so important to have a current, professional, high quality headshot. Using a poorly lit, awkwardly posed cell phone image doesn’t convey a professional message.   There are many reasons you should hire a professional photographer to take headshots for your business, whether it’s just you or your entire team.

Professional modern head shot of a business man in studio on a grey background

There is no second chance to make a first impression. A professional photographer will be able show you in your best light, help you stand out from the crowd while keeping in mind the image you would like to portray. There are many ways to convey a wide array of images in business from formal to casual. You will want to appear self-assured and competent. Your photographer can help you define this with locations, attire, and backdrops. It is very helpful to have a consultation prior to your portrait session to determine the style that suits your brand best.

Environmental brewery headshot modern natural

Professional guidance.  With a free consultation we can guide you through the process.  Help you make decisions regarding backdrops, props, locations and attire.  Download our What to Wear Guide for Headshots below for help with choosing the most flattering clothing for you. 

Professionals know how to show you at your best. A good head shot will show your personality.  A professional headshot photographer is well trained and experienced at what they do. They understand all of the details that go into making a great portrait with light, depth, composition, angles and posing. Smiling and leaning forward for approachability, serious looks with more contrast to portray determination. Your photographer will know how to direct and pose you to convey different emotions all while choosing the most flattering angles and lighting scenarios.  

Casual outdoor contemporary professional head shot

Get noticed. A polished high quality headshot shows your professionalism.  If you look professional, potential clients, investors, collaborators, etc. that haven’t met with you personally are going to be more likely to agree to that first meeting.

Professional headshot attorney with courthouse in background

Consistency. Do your team headshots have a consistent look?  For branding this is invaluable.  It shows a look of continuity and professionalism for your website & social media presence.  You want people to recognize and remember you.  Headshots should be updated every 2 years or so.  Having an outdated head shot taken years ago sends a message of being inauthentic.     With your online presence being the front door of your business, now more than ever it is worth the investment for an impressive professional headshot. The minimal cost of hiring a professional photographer to update your online presence is a small price to pay for a wealth of exposure and new business. Don’t forget to download our free What to Wear Guide for Headshots