Custom Stock Photography. “Take control of your visual content”


We create extraordinary imagery of your people, your processes and products.  Giving you a library of tailored stock imagery that makes your unique business stand out from the competition.     Do you see the same generic images over and over again on social media or on websites within your industry?  Is your competition using the […]

Professional Photography Partners

We’re not alone in this business. And neither are you. Our goal is to partner with you to visualize and then create the images you need: the images that convey who you are and what you do in a way that actively draws potential clients in while sharing what makes your company, your people, your products, […]

The Product Photography Process

Product photography isn’t always very glamorous. No supermodels, no exotic locations, no glossy magazine layouts. But the way your product looks on your website, in a brochure, or onscreen during a presentation may determine whether or not your potential customers see you in the best light.     Over the last two decades product photography […]

Floored at the Schott

A case study on our historic preservation commercial session with Sherwin Williams and Ohio State University.   One of the many joys of being a commercial photographer is getting the chance to capture the unique qualities of places, products, and people that make them stand out. Which is why we were excited when Sherwin Williams […]

Grow with us!

At Kelly Ann Commercial Photography, we love to grow.   Our craft, that is!   Which is why we’re always looking for new clients that bring creative challenges to the table. We want to grow in what we know, in ways that better help companies grow their brand and profits.   So we were understandably […]