Product photography isn’t always very glamorous. No supermodels, no exotic locations, no glossy magazine layouts. But the way your product looks on your website, in a brochure, or onscreen during a presentation may determine whether or not your potential customers see you in the best light.


Product photography beverage beer
Showcasing the new branding and cans for local microbrewery Crooked Handle


Over the last two decades product photography has changed a great deal, from lighting patterns to creative angles and digital design. If your website, brochure, flier, or catalog photos look out-of-date, your potential customers may worry that your company is not current. While your products are still relevant, your images may not be.


With years of commercial product photography experience, Kelly Ann Photography knows how to set you and your product up for success. Because, when it comes down to it, you have one shot to get it right and make your product shine.

professional photography of glass product
Photographing these glass pipes were a challenge we were up for. Capturing the intricate detail without glare on the reflective surface is something we have mastered.


That one shot involves much more than pressing the shutter on the camera. It means preparing by talking about the concept for the shoot, including angles, props, background, and what parts of the product are unique and should be highlighted. It means discussing in which format you want to receive the final images. It also means looking at the location for the shoot.


We offer in-studio sessions for smaller products; this allows us to be more creative and have more control over lighting and backdrops than in an industrial setting. For on-location sessions, we are limited by the size of the product and the challenges that may be presented by background and lighting. We are also skilled at creating a controlled environment within your space to give you a product image that brings out the details your customers need to see.

Industrial manufacturing product photography
These small but mighty products were photographed in studio creating clean detailed images for our client to use as a sales tool.



Products come in all shapes and sizes. We are prepared for shiny, glass, and metallic surfaces, all of which can mean excessive glare unless properly lit – everything from tiny metal screws to 30-foot packaging machines. We really enjoy the magic of product photography because it can transform the most mundane thing into something beautiful and artistic.

Industrial product photography of a packaging machine
This 30 foot long packaging machine had to be photographed on location. We were able to transform the industrial environment into a clean and beautiful photo for use in catalogues and brochures.


Getting that one perfect image will mean taking quite a few photos. It may include photographing from many different angles, employing light painting techniques, and utilizing portable backdrops. It could involve making a composite of multiple images, retouching, and artistic editing. The back end work is what elevates and completes your product image.

Beverage photography of a beer in a glass
This image of Main St Kölsch for Crooked Handle Brewery was a composite of 4 images combined to create a tasty looking beer with crisp edges, a frothy head and movement with carbonation. Thirsty yet?



We generally quote product shoots as half or full days. So that you get the most bang for your buck, we ask you to ensure all items to be photographed are clean and pristine. Don’t let fingerprints, smudges, dust, and grease steal the show. We want all eyes on your product and everything that makes it special!


Call us today to discuss your product photography needs. We have the experience, knowledge, and patience to provide you with product perfection.