At Kelly Ann Commercial Photography, we love to grow.


Our craft, that is!


Which is why we’re always looking for new clients that bring creative challenges to the table. We want to grow in what we know, in ways that better help companies grow their brand and profits.


So we were understandably excited when Certified Cultivators came calling for professional photos of their medical marijuana.

This was a milestone moment for them! It was their first full grow and harvest of over 12 different medical marijuana strains.

The plants all looked different in color, size, leaf, and flower shape, but we had to make sure we kept it straight so that Certified Cultivators would know what to expect for each strain in the future.

The full-spectrum LED lights in their facility would have given Certified Cultivators grief had they taken their own photos. When captured with a smartphone or point-and-shoot camera, photos with LED lights will be tinted pink (scroll to the bottom for an example). But we can correct the image to show the space’s true color and impact.


Shoutout to GVA Lighting for their grow lights!!

While medical marijuana is legal to cultivate and sell in Ohio, there are high regulations regarding the marketing of this product. Did you know that all images have to be approved by a pharmacy board?

Ultimately, these images will be used to promote and educate consumers to their product. And we all walked away from the session having both greater knowledge and greater relationships.

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