There is a process for a commercial photography session.  Once you have clarified your vision and set a date, it’s time to create your shot list. Why, you ask? Can’t we just kind of wing it that day? We can, but having some structure means we all stay focused, organized, and efficient. That means you get more of the specific images you want.

Making a shot list can be overwhelming for some of our corporate clients. We want to demystify the process. The first step to help you organize your day is answer the following questions….








We have faced a lot of challenges as a commercial photography studio and we can help you strategize as you work through the schedule for your photo shoot. 


Pulling together a Pinterest board or tear sheet can help you get started. When you find images that speak to you it will assist you in conveying your vision to us.


Don’t be afraid to spend some time getting organized. We are happy to help you get started. After all, we want your day to be much more than a shot in the dark!



Time Location People Activities Props
9:30 Drill press Sam, Mike Discussing plans; Sam operating the press; Mike using the computer screen Hard hats and safety glasses; plans
10:30 Sanding station Joe Sanding (both from above and at the level of the sander); prepping the item to be sanded Hard hats and safety glasses
11:00 Outside by the sign (weather permitting) All employees Group shot of all None
11:30 Lunch break
12:30 Lobby and outside (weather permitting) Executives (2) Headshots (formal and casual) Suits and ties
1:00 Conference room Jess, Lisa, DJ Meeting with plans in hand Plans, mugs, pencils, highlighters
1:30 Conference room Jess, Lisa, DJ, “client” Client meeting; 3 on 1; 1 on 1; showing plans on TV screen Plans, mugs, pencils, tablets, laptops, plans for TV screen
2:00-4:00 Light-


All employees based on schedule to be supplied 2 days prior Headshots – casual None