Artificial Intelligence – Smart with no Heart

Its been all over my social media feed.  In the photographic industry AI will bring a huge change.  As if moving from film to digital in the early 2000’s wasn’t difficult enough for photographers to adapt to, now we have AI to contend with.    AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, […]

Professional Headshot session FAQ’s

headshot FAQ page professional executive corporate headshot photographer

WHAT SESSION IS RIGHT FOR ME? Standard session includes up to one hour of photography and one retouched image that you can select at the end of the session. Whether you are looking for one image for your website or LinkedIn page or several different looks for a portfolio of images, this is a great […]

Tackling the Pain Points of Your Team’s Headshot session

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Picture day is one of our favorite days!  We know that that isn’t the case for most people.   A lot of you think that having your headshot taken is one step above the dentist. Less painful at least in the physical way 🙂   We want to change your perception. With our professional headshot […]