Picture day is one of our favorite days!  We know that that isn’t the case for most people.   A lot of you think that having your headshot taken is one step above the dentist. Less painful at least in the physical way 🙂   We want to change your perception. With our professional headshot team we can make it a fun, positive experience and a guarantee that you will love your images. 

We are experts at photographing Individuals and whole teams. Our process makes it easy!  We take on all the pain points for you.   


 What do we offer to make the entire experience less stressful for you? Glad you asked!

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Scheduling can be frustrating. Whether you’re coming to our studio or we’re doing headshots onsite, you shouldn’t have to create a spreadsheet or email everyone multiple times to nail down their time slots. We have a scheduling tool that we can set up and share with you so scheduling is done all in one place and you don’t spend precious hours managing it. It includes a link to headshot tips, directions to the studio, and email reminders for each person who schedules. 


Selecting a Style

Choosing your headshot style can be overwhelming. Google “headshot style” and you’ll get about 219 million results (really!). We have worked with many different businesses to help them determine what backdrops, lighting styles, wardrobe color choices, and poses will work best to represent who they are. We help to ensure your photos will reflect your branding and logo colors if that’s what you want. We think the images of everyone on your team should be flattering and should show your potential clients the real you!

Helping your team feel comfortable

This is something we excel at. We get to know your team, we tell bad jokes, and we do a lot of laughing. We want you to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Even if you’re not a smiler (and we’re ok with that), we want you to look friendly and approachable. We keep the whole session light-hearted and provide professional guidance on posing. Kelly has extensive training as a headshot photographer that she relies on to make your images stand out. In addition, we offer onsite live viewing and/or image selection. This allows your team to see their images right away. And we love seeing delighted looks and hearing “Wow, I look really good!”.


Selection and Delivery

Another area where we make your life easier.  Onsite image selection.  Your team will get to view and select their favorite images as we shoot. making everyone look their best and feel confident that we are capturing exactly the expression they want to convey.  This also expedites our turnaround time.  For those who like to take their time we also provide private online client galleries for selection. All final selections are delivered as a direct download. making it easy and quick to receive your final files. Our turnaround time is less than a week, which means you aren’t left wondering when you might be able to finally use the images. We edit your selected images with our Kelly Ann Commercial Photography Signature Retouching style, which leaves you looking natural and your very best.


New hire headshots and make-up headshots


This can be tricky. Will they look the same? Will it be obvious that they were taken six or ten months apart? Not with us. We make additional headshots simple with easy scheduling and the ability to reproduce backdrop colors and lighting styles to ensure your new images blend seamlessly with the existing ones.


What other areas are pain points for you? How can we help you minimize or eliminate them? Our goal is to make your headshots something you don’t dread.  Call us today for a consultation.

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