I get a lot of people that tell me how cool & exciting my job is.  It is 🙂 but not everything I shoot is glamorous & styled & not everything I do is exciting.  One day I’m shooting a beautiful event or person & the next an X-ray machine.  I’m in the studio for hours on end running my business, editing, placing orders & watching Netflix.

Its not about what I photograph or where I am that makes my job great.  Its this……..

I was recently sent to take a head shot for an employee at the hospital who was being recognized for a job well done.  These are often taken in clinical settings or hospital lobbies and hallways, it’s not styled or glamorous.  Upon meeting him in the lobby he told me, as many do, “I hate having my picture taken, I’m not photogenic”  As I set up the shot we chatted & joked.  I get about 5 minuets to shoot these types of images. I took about 5 frames and he was on his way.  The photo printed & hung on the wall of excellence at the hospital.

I received a text today from him “You took my picture for the wall of excellence last month.  I just wanted to thank you again and tell you that I have had many people tell me what a GREAT photo it is of me.  I wanted you to know how much people are liking your work!” 

These aren’t shots that will be featured in blogs, win awards or hang in galleries.  But these are just as important.  I try my best with every shot I take.  They all matter to me. Every shoot is an opportunity to better my craft & create something that matters.

Portrait of a healthcare worker by Kelly Ann Photography, Dayton & Cincinnati