How one commercial project sent our photographer to 140 locations in five days throughout Dayton, Ohio.

Our owner and operator Kelly Settle was recently contracted to work with the Greater Dayton RTA marketing team on a large-scale project: refreshing their community buses with new exterior vehicle wraps, featuring photos that celebrate the 13 communities they serve around Montgomery County all photographed in a 7 day period.

Now keep in mind, when we say 13 communities that is not the same as 13 stops. In fact, this assignment led Kelly to exploring more than 140 different locations throughout the area in just five days!

In total, Kelly spent 60 hours actively traveling to and documenting each spot. She walked over 20,000 steps a day, and dealt with one dead car battery, to ultimately take 3,500 images that featured dog parks, street art, historic sites, and more.

But what was her favorite part?

“We were blessed with beautiful weather throughout the entire experience,” Kelly said. “Which meant I really got to enjoy discovering new trails to hike and parks to visit. Plus, it was a treat to see families spending time together in these spaces after having to spend so long apart and isolated.”

Kelly Documented her week of running around the Greater Dayton area by taking selfies at each stop.

Watch the video below to experience Kelly’s five-day adventure through 140 selfies!

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