It’s hard to believe.  I’ve been in business now for over 18 years!  It’s crazy to me how much this industry has changed in that time. The professional photography industry has undergone a transformative evolution, largely fueled by advancements in technology. The shift from film to digital photography marked a pivotal moment, revolutionizing the way photographers capture, edit, and deliver images. The accessibility of high-quality digital cameras and the rise of powerful editing software democratized the field, allowing aspiring photographers to enter the industry with lower barriers to entry.


So how do I keep my self relevant and up to date in this industry?  I embrace multiple strategies to stay current.

Showing a light painted professional photography image before and after. Commercial photography
Light Painted image created in Ames Iowa with Dan McClanahan. 2024


3 people posing against a blue backdrop formal with metals. Masters of Photography awards
Kelly is pictured here receiving her Masters of Photogrpahy with the president of Professional Photographers of America and her mentor Joe Glyda.


guitar leaning against a stool and fender amp. light painted professional photograph.
Kelly photographed her husband’s guitar for him for a gift. She used a light painting technique she is working on prefecting.


It’s not an easy industry to say the least.  I truly enjoy growing, learning and evolving,  Maybe that’s why Ive stuck with it for so long 🙂