House Trends is a locally-based publication that covers the greater Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton areas. If you live in those areas, you’ve likely had one delivered to your door. On their website, House Trends mentions that they invite readers inside beautiful homes “with striking photography and engaging editorial content”. What you may not realize is that some of that striking photography has been the work of Kelly Ann Photography.

We asked Kelly some questions to explain her journey.

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Did you just stumble into architectural photography?

No, I was very intentional about getting into architectural photography. I had an interest in commercial photography and architecture is a part of that. With a close friend who is an architect, I had the opportunity to photograph some striking homes. But the most important step I took was to enroll in a class that was specifically geared for architecture photographers. Then I practiced.

How did this relationship with House Trends come about? 

As I mentioned, my friend, an extremely talented architect, hired me to photograph some of the projects that she would be using for advertising in House Trends Magazine.  When they were submitted for the layout, the House Trends team was impressed. My work has graced several covers in all the local markets and been featured almost monthly with the magazine.  

What things have you learned along the way?

Time of day is critical to a shoot, as well as the direction a home faces. Without good light, even a stunning house can look flat.

Staging is very important. Clutter distracts. A few beautiful colors, textures, and interesting patterns can make a room come to life, as well as demonstrate unusual and unique intentional design elements.

Photos need to feature a specific vantage point. Trying to incorporate an entire room into a shot can be confusing for viewers because they lose perspective.

Capture details. Small details artfully chosen can be what takes a space from humdrum to stunning.

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What has changed since you began shooting architecture?

Trends have changed. Not just design trends, but trends in photography. It is crucial to stay current. This often involves continuing education and looking critically at other architectural images.

Cameras and accessories change constantly. I switched systems and went to a mirrorless camera a few years ago, which meant there were things I had to learn on the new camera that were slightly different from what I was used to.

What kinds of challenges do you face during a shoot?

Keeping lines straight can be challenging, especially when shooting a large space. This is something I try to do well during a shoot so I don’t have much to do when I am editing.

I am often working with rented gear, so that was something I had to get comfortable with. When photographing exteriors, I am at the mercy of the season and the light. If I want a lovely, bright shot and the day is dreary and miserable (here’s lookin’ at you, Ohio winter), that’s sometimes a hurdle I cannot overcome with any amount of editing, so scheduling has to be flexible. If I want a gorgeous sunset, I have to wait for just the right moment on just the right day. And if I want the exterior lit up and glowing while the sunset colors the sky behind it, I often employ light painting, another technique I learned from a workshop I attended.



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