Imaging USA is a photography conference and tradeshow offering more than 80 speakers, over 100 exhibitors, and opportunities to network with 10,000 photographers. Hard to imagine that much creativity all in one place, right? Kelly began 2023 with this conference as a way to catch up with photographer friends, network with peer professionals, shop and learn at a gigantic trade show, and take continuing education classes. Plus, it’s held in Nashville, so food, drink, and live music opportunities are around every corner.

This year Kelly took classes prior to the conference on volume headshots, learning to streamline her process and incorporate new technology. She feels more confident than ever in her ability to take headshots of teams of four – or four thousand. It can be easy to get static as a creative, but Kelly actively searches out opportunities to stretch and grow. And her love of learning, photography as an industry, and innovations drive her to continue to work at her craft. You, as the client, benefit from this. We can’t wait to show you what she can do!

International Photographic Competition, or IPC, is a Professional Photographers of America (PPA) competition that accepts images from members to be judged at the international level. Kelly has received three merited images at the international level, which is a monumental accomplishment. Her images were displayed at the Imaging USA conference that she attended in January.