In our studio, architectural photography is a collaboration. I offer my experience and expertise as a photographer and visual artist always keeping in mind our client’s vision and needs.

We are so excited to be featured with Springhouse Architects in the October 2018 edition of HouseTrends/Dayton magazine.

A few months ago we were commissioned by Springhouse Architects in Springboro Ohio to photograph this gorgeous custom home in Springfield Oh. They wanted to showcase the bright modern design and unique features as well as its livability. Creating these types of images is a multi-step process.

The Process:

Consultation–  We met with Sheri Scott the principal architect for this project & identified what was important for her to convey about this home  We defined what features she would like to highlight and what the she needed as an end result. We knew these would probably be used for the magazine so we kept that in mind but also focused on shots for the website and award submission.

Walk Through–  A site visit isn’t always an option but is invaluable when possible.  This time is used to define each shot and determine best light and angle to photograph each room.  Nothing is set in stone as we ended up moving our predetermined angle a few times as we found better options but is a valuable time saver and an option when the client cant be on set for the actual shoot.

Preparation–  We create a shot list and schedule for the shoot day.  This helps things go smoothly, creates expectations for the day and if the home is occupied it lets the homeowner know exactly what space we will be in during the shoot day.  We also will gather any props for the shoot and clean and prep the necessary gear.

Photography (shoot day)-  We begin each set up by staging each scene.  Decluttering, rearranging furniture and accessories, adding props for a focal point or pops of color.  Making each scene clean and camera-ready. Once the scene is staged we move our gear into place.  We work with top of the line equipment to ensure the best outcome.  The camera is tethered to a laptop so everyone involved can see a live view of what is being captured and we, along with the client can make adjustments.  We also use a process known as light painting to ensure that we highlight features while maintaining correct balance with the entire scene.

Post production and delivery–  All of the images taken are archived and backed up 3 times to ensure they will always be accessible. We then take each scene & color balance, sharpen and do a general clean up of the image.  This is where the magic of the light painted images are assembled.  We take an average of 3-8 images and compile them to create one master image.  The photograph below was created with over 10 images composited to feature the design of the house & keep the beautiful twilight sky and house lights in balance. Once we have retouched the final images we can deliver them on a thumb drive or digital download.

The final results are stunning imagery that is ready for your marketing needs.  Website, blog posts, social media, billboards and award submission.  We are ready to guide you through the process to get beautiful professional imagery of your projects.