We help industrial businesses showcase their machinery and products in the best light possible. It takes a unique understanding of how to overcome challenges like environment, scale, and complexity, as well as a keen interest in people and processes. Industrial photography requires an eye for detail, a broad understanding of often-complicated machinery, and a willingness to overcome the challenges of shooting in an environment with restrictive safety rules, lighting that is decidedly not camera-friendly, and distracting backgrounds. Not only can we handle that, we love it. 


Businesses of all kinds ask us to photograph equipment, assembly lines, employees,  finished products, and the exciting technological innovations that set them apart from their competitors. Using these images for websites, marketing, internal documentation, annual reports, and so much more. 

welding arc industrial manufacturing photography Ohio


There is  something so exciting about putting on those steel-toed boots, safety glasses and the occasional hair net and heading onto a manufacturing floor, camera in hand. capturing processes from start to finish.


Drawing on years of experience, utilizing high end camera and lighting equipment, and having a practiced eye for composition and scale, Kelly Ann Photography creates images that make you and your business look good. 


Take the packaging equipment shown below.  These photos show how we can transform a huge piece of machinery on a cluttered industrial floor into a stunning piece of photographic imagery for a client. The lighting was dim, the machinery was too large and heavy to be moved, and the metal and glass were highly reflective. Using our portable studio and tricks we’ve learned over the years, as well as the help of the company’s marketing team, we created a crisp, clean final image that stands out and is a special part of our portfolio.















We do everything from wide-angle shots of your entire floor to closeups of specific components, technologies, or finished products that are critical for your customers and shareholders to see. When you want to capture detail, precision, and the energy of an industrial floor, we can bring those ideas to life. Additionally, we love to include your industrial team members in shots that not only demonstrate their vital skills, but also highlight their adherence to industry safety standards. Including your employees in images not only humanizes your business, it can also help to demonstrate the scale of your facility. As we get to know your environment and your people during a shoot, we then create an environment where your people begin to feel more comfortable around the camera and this allows them to just be themselves.



We take great pride in doing industrial shoots that show you, your processes, your products, and your people in the very best possible light.


Call us today at 937.602.3626 to set up your shoot. We can’t wait to meet you and your team!

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